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Why I'm here

I mainly use my journal to keep up with the news of my favorites shows(toku), groups (KAT-TUN), etc. I also comment on fics that I have read or any other post that I feel the need to.

I do write things but by the time I finish it I'm too lazy to proof-read it or the time for it has passed so I end up not posting it. Maybe one day something other than this will be on my journal.

And if I do post they probably won't be posted here anyway, just to the fandom comm of choice.

Keep your fingers crossed for me.

The best of feels and the worst of feels

I would like to apologize in advance for the jumble that this is but I cannot help it.

I just finished watching the Mariano Rivera day coverage. Oh my heart. I am really going to miss seeing Mo come out of the bullpen next year. He is just one of the best players EVER on the field and off. Watching him these past 19 seasons (I legitimately grew up watching him) has been a privilege. His professionalism, his skill, his demeanor, everything is just what you want in a player. And watching the pregame ceremony shows that I am not the only person that feels this way.

Jackie Robinson’s wife and daughter were both on hand, which was mind blowing. To see them celebrate the career of the last MLB player to ever wear the number 42 was something I will never forget.  Then of course there was the appearance of all his former teammates. John Wettland, Bernie Williams, Paul O’Neill, Tino Martinez and the list goes on, all there to support Mo. I’m tearing up again.

I was floored watching Metallica perform “Enter Sandman” live for Mo. Watching him walk across the outfield with his own personal soundtrack was A-MA-ZING! We potentially only have three more opportunities to see him come out of the bullpen to “Enter Sandman”, unless there is a miracle and the Yanks make it into the postseason, I am going to milk them for all they are worth.

Everything that this day was was FANTASTIC. The only thing that would have made it better was for me to be there in person.

And OMG Andy Pettitte is retiring too! My heart can’t take this. Both Andy and Mo came up to the majors in 95. They were both so little (I use little to refer to their youth) and adorable. They are still both adorable but now they are grown men with grown sons. Andy’s son is going to college now. Ugh I feel so old.

Then the Yankees lost today while Cleveland, Tampa Bay and Kansas City won. WHY? Playoff hopes keep slipping further and further away.

To ice my cake, I come online to see that the opening song for Kame’s new drama was announced and it is not a KAT-TUN song. It’s a Kame song but not a KAT-TUN song. I swear JE is trying to see how far they can push the Hyphens before we either storm the gates or throw up our hands and give up. This is the only reason I can see them jerking us around so much. A tease at a tour. A digital download of A song versus an actual single of multiple songs. Still leaving the Kame and Ueda solos on the back burner. I will still support this group come hell or highwater but all these non-happenings just make it really hard.

Am I happy Kame actually gets to sing for his own drama? Yes, but I love KAT-TUN a lot too so. Hopefully they can sing for Maru's drama.

This day was hard on me emotionally.  I need a drink.

FACE to Face

I got my CDs. I got my CDs.

I will keep this very general for those on my F-List patiently awaiting their copies. HA!

I have just finished watching the dressing room corner/FLASH PV DVD. All I have to say is I now want to shrink Ueda and keep him in my pocket. He is too precious for words.

Junno's PV. I loved it. I loved the song. I have to admit that Junno is second to Nakamaru in my consistently enjoying the solos (yes I even liked SAMURAI☆LOVE☆ATTACK, it always makes me smile.) I really enjoyed Junno's dancing as well. He looks like he is enjoying himself so much. He's so cute when he smiles. I wish I had the words to describe his dancing style though,

I enjoyed the cameo by the predator. Look at the smirk he is sporting and tell me he doesn't look like he is going to eat Junno? Take that question how ever you want to.

Off to watch the FACE to face DVD. Damn backed up drain totally screwed up my schedule tonight.

I come bearing video of Kame

So I do one better than pictures of Kame. I bring moving pictures. You can't hear him but at least you can see him.


Can I say how much watching Intentional Talk bummed me out because now I hear that Mark Texiera may be out for the entire season if his wrist needs surgery.Dammit.

Kame on US TV


I was watching Intentional Talk on the MLB Network and guess who popped up when they were talking about the over 200 members of the Japanese media that showed up. That's right our beloved turtle. When I get the chance I will take proper caps of the moment.

I had to come out of the semi-hiatus to post this. Yup

Super bummed about the US getting eliminated on Friday though. Go Kingdom of the Netherlands. Sorry Kame but I gotta root for the my Grandma's homeland.

My baby's back

Oh I am one happy girl. Andy Pettite signed a one year minor league deal with the NY Yankees. I hope he's still got some good stuff I would love to see him pitching in some big league games.

But he's too cute to be a boy

This was something that crossed my mind Thursday after a conversation with a friend but I felt like I had to post this after reading the translation of Kamenashi Kazuya’s Hang Out broadcast from yesterday.

Does the mother’s wants/expectations for the sex of the child impact the child if it turns out to be the opposite sex?

Myself, my cousin, Kamenashi KazuyaCollapse )
Just another one of those things that run through my head when I'm supposed to be studying. Ugh